Change the rules of the game. Give your customers the power of choice, because sometimes you can have your cake and eat it. So get ready to discover better ways to save and invest.

Let your customers design customized savings products that address their individual needs, and get your financial institution to benefit from satisfied customers and increased profits.

All customers want to get the best returns possible with clear, simple and honest products that can be easily understood. At the same time, nobody really wants to have to tie their money up for multiple years with no access. CHOICE delivers this, and much more, lets customer choose and define what’s right for them. We’re all different, so give them a CHOICE.

"CHOICE Savings & Investments" products can be made available as deposits, notes or obligations.

The patented technology platform transparently expands your existing system capabilities to manage thousands of individual products, custom made with absolutely no manual processing, with completely automated "front-to-back" processing, including all links in the distribution chain and covering the complete transaction life cycle, including treasury management, hedging, legal documentation, regulatory compliance, settlements, accounting, customer information, and much more.

If this sounds daunting, you can rest assured that our solution and service offering covers any potential "gap" that may arise in the context of your organization. We have the knowledge to meet your needs both in the installation and implementation of the technology platform, and in staff training as well as the optimization of your marketing and customer activities. Our service generation area helps our partner banks to take full advantage of the technology platform.

To learn more about CHOICE Savings & Investments, contact CHOICE Financial Solutions (www.choicefs.com) and our staff will provide you with everything you need to know to implement this game changing idea for your organization.